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11070 Belgrade, Serbia

phone/fax: +381 11 63 00 688

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Belgrade Translation Center  is a leading translation company in the region focused on quality, quick service and complete customer satisfaction  at affordable rates.


Our core activity is the providing of translation services in the majority of world languages. We have over 100 skilled and accomplished associates that specialize in individual languages and areas of expertise, combining modern organizational concepts, skills and new technologies.


OUR VALUES are to be a partner that provides its clients with a full range of services in communication in a foreign language. We ensure quality by fully utilizing the skills and expertise of the entire team, the end-product of such an approach being high-quality translations into the majority of world languages.


OUR MISSION is providing quality services quickly and efficiently, and maximizing client satisfaction.


OUR VISION is to form flexible organizational structures and, through the use of new technologies, maintain our status of a leading one-stop translation service provider in the region.






Belgrade Translation Center, Đorđa Stanojevića 9a/14, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia


phone: +381 11 63 00 688, +381 65 324 27 27



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