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  For which languages do you provide translation services?

Our center provides translation services in a multitude of world languages, such as: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greece, Albanian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.


  What are your office hours?

Our office hours are 9 am - 4 pm, or longer as needed.


  How can we be sure of your professionalism, experience and references?

All our services and products, from simple commercial translations to complex technical translations, undergo quality control by our highly skilled staff. This highly professional organization with it continuous growth and cooperation with competent and qualified associates has ensured that BELGRADE TRANSLATION CENTER stands out in the sphere of translation services.


  Do the translations you deliver correspond terminologically and in format with the source material?

All our translations correspond to the source material terminologically. The system includes creating and updating a specific database of terms. In doing so we avoid the risk of using terms that do not correspond to those confirmed as appropriate. All translated material retains the original format.


  Do you accept translation jobs consisting of less than one page?

We accept jobs regardless of quantity, but the smallest accounting unit is one page.


  How could I obtain your estimate?

You can contact us by e-mail, fax, regular mail or in person, and we will provide a rough estimate as soon as possible.


  How could I cooperate with you as a translator?

If you are interested in cooperation with our translation center and believe that you have the required skills and qualifications, please fill in our form. Should your profile correspond to our requirements, our staff will contact you and the first step towards future cooperation will be a test of your translations skills.


  Which criteria do you consider when selecting your associates?

Our main criterion when selecting associates is how qualified you are. We also consider your professional attitude towards work, certificates, observance of deadlines, attitude towards associates and how you work in a team.


  Would it be possible to become your partner?

Partnerships are the only business relations we embrace. All other options in business relations which are not mutually beneficial we consider to be unsustainable in the long run.


  How can I send you material for translation?

You can send us the material that you need translated by e-mail, fax, regular mail or bring it in person. If the material is in the form of a hard copy, i.e. printed out, you can send it by fax, regular mail or bring it in person. Should you require a certified translation by a sworn translator, we would need the original material as well.


  Do you charge for estimates?

No! We provide estimates free of charge. We evaluate the material within one business day and inform you about possible further steps.


  How do you charge written translations?

The basis on which we form the price: standard translation page (1 page of translation consists of 1800 characters with spaces, or 235 words), the source/target language, complexity of the text, required deadline, and whether or not certification by a sworn translator is necessary. Pages are rounded to the nearest half-page, and the smallest accounting unit is one page. Send us your material and we will be happy to give you a rough estimate..


  Do you provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services and how do you charge them?

Yes. With consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services we charge the time spent with the client commissioning the translation, from the moment when the translator arrives at he agreed location until completion of the interpretation, regardless of the amount of time actually spent in interpretation. For one day of consecutive or conference interpretation away from home we charge a minimum of 8 hours. The commissioning party shall also cover the transportation expenses.


  What is certification by a sworn translator? Does your company provide such services?

We provide the services of certification. A sworn translator for the required target language certifies the translation by affixing his official seal and signature and the statement that the translation is a true and accurate translation fully corresponding to the original material. Additional copies are available at any time, with charge.


  Can your company certify a document that I have already translated?

No, in order for us to certify a document we need to verify the accuracy of the translation against the original. We only certify documents translated by our translators. 


  How quickly can you translate a document?

The speed depends on the complexity and volume of the material. Send us the material by e-mail for a closer estimate. If you require an urgent translation please contact us by telephone.


  How will you return the translation to us?

We send translations in accordance with your wishes: by fax, e-mail, regular mail or as agreed. 


  Do you also could characters such as “a” or “.”?

Yes, the final character count is done by computer. This is a globally accepted translation standard.






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