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Translations can be certified by a sworn translator or not. Translations that are not certified are translations of material and documentation that does not require a sworn translator to vouch that the translation is true, such as:


•      leaflets

•      brochures

•      instruction manuals

•      web pages

•      multimedia presentations

•      catalogues


and other content that needs to be translated and adapted to the international market and business environment.


When negotiating such projects, particularly those of greater volume, BTC nurtures the practice of signing business cooperation agreements. We feel that such an approach is in our mutual interest, as our client receives a guarantee of quality of services, and BTC protects is interests regarding planned income.


Conclustion of contracts with frequent clients has two significant advantages. Firstly, more efficient business and secondly,  reduced prices.


Delivery of translations upon client’s request.






Belgrade Translation Center, Đorđa Stanojevića 9a/14, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia


phone: +381 11 63 00 688, +381 65 324 27 27



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